What agents get when they join a leading brokerage

by REP on 06 Dec 2017
Taking the time to evaluate your career is a must in the modern market. Getting stale at a brokerage or sticking with an organization that lacks ambition or direction is something that all real estate agents should avoid. Sometimes moving to a brokerage whose ethos and ambitions match your own is the best – and only – option

“Agents should look for a brokerage that provides them with the technology that helps maximize personal and listings exposure, as well as the tools and technology that help them do their work more easily and efficiently,” says Nirmal Brar, Broker Manager of Royal LePage Flower City Realty. “When you consider that more millennials are going to be entering the housing market, being in a position to utilize the latest technology is even more crucial.”

A leading brokerage is likely to have a feature-rich, national website that is accessed by hundreds of thousands of Canadians looking to buy or sell their homes. “It should be rich with neighbourhood data and provide all of the relevant information consumers want in their home search,” says Brar.

Even when every career move is carefully calculated and considered there is still the possibility that the new brokerage is not the right fit. But how can you work that out before you switch companies?

“When looking at joining a new brokerage, an agent needs to work out how their methods will be impacted and to what extent their business is likely to increase,” says Nirmal Brar, Broker Manager of Royal LePage Flower City Realty. “An agent is likely moving because they were missing something. It might be something to do with training, support or the leadership at their previous brokerage. They need to look at all the angles when they are thinking about moving.”

Download this industry whitepaper to find out exactly what you should expect, and demand, from a leading brokerage.

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