CREA calls for rules on home-growing cannabis

by Steve Randall01 May 2018

The body that represents Canadian real estate agents has proposed an amendment to the federal government’s cannabis bill to address the hazards of home growing to homes.

The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) says that there should be a moratorium on home cultivation of cannabis until nationwide rules and regulations are enacted.

Under the Cannabis Act, or Bill C-45, people will be able to lawfully grow up to four cannabis plants at a time in their homes, which could mean up to 5 kilograms per year.

But CREA has told the government that there are several potential hazards created by grow-ops.

“We know fire chiefs are concerned about fires; police organizations are concerned with increased crime; municipalities have concerns about safety and cost; health authorities are concerned about vulnerable people exposed to fungus and mould,” CREA CEO Michael Bourque told the Senate Standing Committee on Social Affairs, Science and Technology.

CREA says that Ottawa should provide local and provincial governments with a framework for regulations and guidelines for safe home cultivation.

“We’ve heard from homeowners and tenants across the country who are worried about living beside grow-ops. What does this do to their home value? Will this increase their rent? How safe will their kids be? Will their quality of life diminish because of the prevalence of drugs in their neighbourhood? These are all concerns that need to be considered before the passing of Bill C-45,” said CREA’s President Barb Sukkau.

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