Dear seller, please pick me to buy your home

by Steve Randall23 Jul 2018

Having a mortgage offer and being in a position to move fairly quickly are not unusual traits of a successful homebuyer but having a gift for letter writing is less common.

However, that’s beginning to change, as desperate homebuyers turn to a personal approach in hope of persuading sellers that they are the best buyers.

A report from the Canadian Press says that letters contain a variety of persuasive tactics, from praising the home’s features – flattery can often be a winning strategy – to a heart-tugging back-story of single parents and young families desperate for their dream home.

The article says that it’s not unusual for real estate agents to be asked to deliver notes to sellers and while few are likely to opt for sentiment over finance, it seems that sellers can be influenced to some degree by the gesture.

In business, experts say that people are more likely to buy from people they know, like, and trust.

In competitive housing markets, it could just be that people will sell to those they know, like, and trust; and letters are helping to establish those connections.

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