Have the Russians found the future of construction?

by Steve Randall27 Apr 2017
Scientists in Russia have developed a new construction technology which could revolutionize buildings.

The building blocks created by Professor of the Institute of Civil Engineering of Peter the Great Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic University Andrey Ponomarev and a graduate student Alexander Rassokhin, increase load-carrying capabilities by more than 200 per cent and are resistant to corrosion, frost and “aggressive environments”.

Researchers calculate that buildings constructed with the blocks could last longer and be more resistant to earthquake activity than traditional structures.

"Such system allows to ensure the structure integrity even in conditions of seismic activity, since the load is distributed throughout the structure as a whole, and not by individual reinforcement bars. The invention can be used in the construction of bridges and pedestrian crossings, non-metallic ships, low-rise residential buildings" says Alexander Rassokhin.

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