Homebuyers overestimate impact of foreign investors

by Steve Randall28 Jun 2018

Homeowners in Vancouver and Toronto believe that foreign investors are driving up home prices but that isn’t backed up by official figures.

A new Housing Market Insight from the CMHC shows that 68% of survey respondents in Vancouver and 48% in Toronto think foreign investors have a lot of influence on home prices in their cities.

However, official Statistics Canada data shows that total non-resident ownership is just 4.8% of homes in Vancouver and 3.4% in Toronto.

Vancouverites are more likely to believe that investors have more influence on home prices than supply restraints and demand-side factors.

Buyers are also spending more than planned in Canada’s two hottest housing markets; 48% of respondents in both cities said they had exceeded their budgets, twice as many as those who did so in Montreal.

"The survey allows us to better understand how home buying is influenced by attitudes and perceptions, giving rise to sustaining local narratives. As we can see, psychological drivers can be at odds with economic fundamental drivers," said Guillaume Neault, Senior Manager, Analytics, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation.

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