Homeowners in this city have more reno contractor issues

by Steve Randall25 Jun 2018

Homeowners across Canada may be tapping savings or arranging HELOCs to fund home improvements and repairs this summer.

But a new survey shows that confidence in those hired to do the renovations is low and one city stands above the rest for issues relating to renovators.

A nationwide Ipsos poll for Reno-Assistance found that 75% of respondents in Toronto found it difficult to find a reliable renovation contractor; and homeowners in the city have a higher probability of encountering more than one major problem with a contractor on a single project, such as stolen deposits, poor finishing, sloppy work needing to be redone or theft of belongings.

The largest problems can cost homeowners thousands of dollars with 63% of Torontonians saying they had experienced a problem on a recent renovation project, rising to 79% for jobs costing $20K or more.

No background checks
Most homeowners (80%) fail to check the financial security of a contractor, meaning they could be trusting thousands of dollars to an uncreditworthy operator.

More than two-thirds of respondents do not verify that the company they are working with legally exists, has proper insurance, a valid licence, a clean legal history, no criminal record, and so on.

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