Housing affordability is top BC issue say half of residents

by Steve Randall09 May 2018

Half of British Columbian residents say that house prices and affordability are their top concern, outpacing issues such as taxes, the economy, and healthcare.

A year after the election which saw the NDP form a minority government supported by the Green Party, the Angus Reid Institute has been asking BC residents for their assessment.

Although Premier John Horgan has a 46% approval rating, 42% of respondents believe the government is on the wrong track overall.

However, most BC residents seem to support the government’s measures to tackle the cost of housing.

Three quarters of respondents think increasing the tax on foreign buyers to 20% from the initial 15% is a good idea. The same share back the speculation tax on owners who do not pay taxes in the province, whether foreign or residents elsewhere in Canada.

Two thirds say increasing property transfer tax and schools tax on homes of $3 million or more is a good idea.

However, support for these ideas does not mean broad approval of the government’s handling of the affordability issue. Only 35% said they approve, 49% disapprove.  

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