Slight uptick in EI recipients says StatsCan

by Steve Randall24 Aug 2018

There has been a slight rise in the number of people receiving regular Employment Insurance benefits.

Data from Statistics Canada show that 3,800 more people were beneficiaries in June, up 0.8% from May, to a total of 460,000. However, the year-over-year figures show a 13.4% decrease (71,100 people).

EI recipient levels were almost unchanged in most provinces (decreasing by less than 1%) but the monthly nationwide increase was the result of a 4% jump in Quebec (113,700) and a 2.3% rise in Nova Scotia (27,000).

Men aged 15-24 and 25-54 were the groups that were responsible for the national increase, largely due to Quebec. All age groups of women saw declining numbers of regular EI beneficiaries. 

There were 236,200 claims in June, up 3.7% from May. The number of claims provides an indication of the number of people who could become beneficiaries.

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