StatsCan: Most people still living with parents are working

by Steve Randall19 Feb 2019

Figures released by Statistics Canada show that the number of people living with at least one parent in 2017 was close to 1.9 million, around 9% of the adult population. In 1995, just 5% were still living at home.

Most of these – 1.4 million – had never lived away from their parents compared to 462,400 who had moved out of the family home at least once.

Men are more likely than their female peers to be living with a parent; 56% of men aged 25-64 did so in 2017 compared to 44% of women of the same age.

However, cost of living is just one part of the picture.

Students make up 12% of those living with a parent compared to 5% of those who were not.

Almost three quarters of those living with a parent were working (vs. 80% of those not living with a parent) although many were working part-time due to circumstances including education, caring roles, or health issues.

Single people make up 70% of those living with a parent compared to just 14% of those not doing so.

Culture is also a key part of the equation with 21% of South Asians and 19% of Chinese aged 25 to 64 living at home in 2017, compared with 9% of the total Canadian population in this age group.

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