Which market are most Point2 Homes users searching?

by Steve Randall14 Feb 2019

Saskatoon-based real estate marketplace Point2 Homes is celebrating a new milestone; hitting a record high of 7 million visits in January.

That means a 55% increase year-over-year with Canadian users’ traffic – the bulk of visits - was up 43%.

Toronto was the most-searched market with almost 457,000 visits and seeing the highest traffic increase of all Canadian cities (61% year-over-year).

Ottawa was also a popular destination for site visitors with over 167,000 visits (up 42%) while Calgary took the third spot, registering a little over 155,000 visits (up 50%).

Total pageviews on the platform surpassed 40 million during the first month of 2019, leading to a 54% year-over-year increase. 47% of visits were brought in by new users.

US visitors surge
There was an 82% increase in visits from the US compared to a year ago but Mexico accounted for the largest number of international visits (166,000).

The growth in traffic meant that real estate professionals received 30% more leads this January compared to 2018.

The site now allows both members and non-members to advertise their listings directly on the site.

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