13 unlucky design fails

by Jamie Henry13 Feb 2015
There are certain things that always send a shiver down real estate agents’ spines, and terrible reno jobs are certainly one of those things.
So, this Friday the 13th we’ve compiled a list of the 13 worst installations, renovations and, er, “upgrades” in listing history.
1 – The useless sink
There is so much that’s wrong with this picture – but the fact that the faucet projects water beyond the sink’s reach is, without a doubt, the most glaring.

2 – The drawer debacle, part 1
We have to give it to this quick-thinking contractor: he did, after all, find a solution to the problem…

3 – The drawer debacle, part 2
…Unlike this handyman, who didn’t bother to fix the, um, minor issue with spacing.

4 – Beware of balconies
Speaking of problems with spacing, this builder essentially rendered each of these balconies unusable. Unless this is actually an art installation, in which case… it’s still useless.

5 – Door (don’t) stop
And speaking of useless things, this doorstop is really just getting in the way.

6 – Stairs and stripes
Fashionistas will tell you that stripes are a bad look for wide hips, but what about wide stairwells? Yep, those are stairs – and dangerous stairs at that.

7 – The wrong tile
This lapse of design judgement is sure to drive perfectionists absolutely insane.

8 – The high call
For the homeowner who is very particular about others using the phone or changing the thermostat, this set up is perfect. It’s also great for those homeowners who are very, very tall.

9 – The strong gate
Gates are a great way to keep intruders out, but this gate is a bit unable to fill its duty.

10 – The strange storage
Storage is always near the top of homebuyers’ must-have list, but this might be taking that a little too far.

11 – The space saver
Everyone wants to make the most efficient use of their time, but outfitting your kitchen with a bathroom might be taking time-savers to an unnecessary level.

12 – The lone fridge
Islands are all the rage in kitchens, but we don’t think this type of island is quite as desirable.

13 – The elevated garage
Car-owning homebuyers usually look for houses with garages, but this particular property might be best suited to those who drive off-roading vehicles.

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