3 ways to keep busy this winter

by Jamie Henry28 Nov 2014
Winter is traditionally a slow selling time of year, but don’t pack it in just yet! These lulls in business are actually the perfect time to gain the upper hand on your competition.
Here are three ways to keep yourself busy – and boost your business – this winter.
1 – Join the rental market
The rental and lease markets don’t have the same lulls that the buy-and-sell market does. Join the fray of agents helping clients find the perfect rental property, and you’ll get far more than a (paltry) paycheque.
“Those lease clients, or leads, eventually turn into first-time home buyers,” says broker Neres Sraidarian. “So a lot of agents won’t do leases, but about 80 per cent of my lease clients end up buying with me.”
2 – Networking
Keeping in touch with past clients is a big part of earning repeat business, so be sure to get out to as many Christmas and holiday parties as possible, or simply treat clients to a casual coffee.
“I’m always out there, whether meeting someone at a coffee shop … with a small city of 180,000 [residents], you know so many people that you just reconnect by being out there,” says Bob Wamsley, an agent in Saskatoon. “You just keep actively involved in what’s happening out there.”
3 – Reorganize your database
A disorganized database is one of those things that have a way of sneaking up on us. Use the winter lull to sort through all your contacts and update each one. You could find a past lead who might be ready to look for a new home.
“Work on your database and see if there are investment opportunities available,” Sraidarian says. “Sort the database – investors, first-time home buyers. When [the market] is slow it could mean good deals for some buyers especially investors.”

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