3 ways to keep newsletter readers from hitting ‘delete’

by Jamie Henry17 Nov 2014
That email newsletter you send to your clients was likely deleted in seconds, so how do you get your subscribers to click and – better yet – open and read your newsletter?
According to research compiled by Marketing Experiments, transforming clicks to opens is as easy as one, two, three.
1 – Meaningful engagement
The reason for your email should be made immediately clear to readers. You can do this through a clear and concise headline and a photo that is related to the message of the email. For instance, if your email is about the condo market, you shouldn’t include a photo of a detached home.
According to Market Experiments, email readers have a disposition to delete: “You only have a few seconds to engage the customer in a meaningful conversation. Meaning necessitates clarity.”
2 – Visual simplification
The reader’s eye should follow a simple and straight-forward path. All text and photos should be aligned to a single side of the page or down the centre, making the content easy to digest. Marketing Experiments also suggests breaking up large bodies of text. Bullet points are easier to digest, and the visual aspect emphasizes important information so that it’s easy to absorb.
3 – Sequenced Movement
You already know how important a call to action is, but having the wrong call to action is just as bad as not having it at all.
Marketing Experiments says aggressive wording, such as “shop now” or “buy now” is actually a turn off for clients. Use more relaxed wording, such as “view details” or “learn more” to gently coax clients.

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