3 ways to promote your charitable activities

by Jamie Henry23 Feb 2015
Most agents would agree that charitable events are an important part of the business, whether that means giving back to the global community or sponsoring a local children’s team. But when promoting your charitable activities, you tread a careful line between generous and conceited – and being viewed as the latter is certainly not good for business.
Here are three things to keep in mind when promoting your favourite charities.
1 – Keep the charity first
This seems really obvious, but many agents get it wrong. Don’t promote the fact that you were at a local food drive, but the food drive that you happened to be at.
Wording is very important, so make sure you put the charity event first, and mention your involvement later.
2 – Promote the charity, even if you’re not directly involved
It’s important to put your weight behind the charities you support, even if you can’t attend the event itself.
Promoting that food drive on your Facebook page, for example, can help clients associate your brand with charity – and, not to mention, the charity gets the support it needs.
3 – Keep it light
While many charities support causes that are no laughing matter, it’s OK for agents to bring a little lighthearted fun to the event as a way to get people interested.
The wildly successful ALS ice bucket challenge is a great example of a light-hearted approach to supporting a well-deserving charity.

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