4 home renos your clients should not attempt

by Jamie Henry26 Feb 2015
Everyone likes to save a buck or two, and many sellers believe DIY home renos are the best way to do that. It might not take a genius to a paint a wall, but there are some renovations that you should be convincing your clients to leave to the experts.
1 – Cutting down a dying tree
An amateur, a chain saw and a ladder rarely combine to a good outcome. Tree removal is tricky business – the saw wielder needs to know where the roots are, how much of the tree to cut, and the safest way to slice, not to mention the necessary permits.
This is one reno that’s best left to a licensed arborist.
2 – Re-routing electrical wires and plumbing
It sounds easy enough to move a toilet or light switch from one side of the room to the other, but there is so much room for error that homeowners shouldn’t even consider it.
With electrical wiring, there is the risk of electrocution, as well as the chance that whatever your clients have done won’t work and they’ll be left with a gaping hole and a useless light switch. Improper plumbing, meanwhile, can spring a leak and lead to even more expansive – and expensive – repairs.
3 – Removing a wall
Open concept is all the rage, and it might be a good idea to remove a wall or two to open up a space. But maybe it shouldn’t be your client swinging the sledgehammer. Accidentally damaging a load-bearing wall can seriously compromise the structural integrity of the house. Plus, a shoddy finish can be quite distracting to potential buyers.
4 – Tiling a floor
We’ve all seen the inexperienced homeowner tile a bathroom with ease on HGTV, but actually doing a good job is a lot harder than it looks. Someone who has never done the deed before can make mistakes that cost even more to repair.

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