5 agents you wish would disappear

by Olivia D'Orazio30 Oct 2014

3 – The bully agent
Our REP forum has, unfortunately, hosted some of these bullies – those agents whose comments go beyond opinion. Of course, there are bullies in every profession, but there are some agents who are just plain mean.

“Maybe it’s true that not all agents are full-time and not all of them work as hard as others,” says Ira Jelinek. “But I believe the ones that work hard and take their jobs seriously should not be stereotyped.”

Eric Chan, a part-time agent, says much of this bullying surrounds some of the most controversial issues facing the industry, like commissions, discount brokers and part-time agents.

“All agents are people and sometimes there are occasions where people don’t treat other agents the same way as you would if you met them on the street,” he says. “Some agents don’t conduct themselves professionally and are very rude.”

4 – The me-me agent
No agent would ever admit to this, but there are some sales reps putting their own interests first.

“It really makes it harder for the rest of us, especially when they put their egos in place,” says Justin Kua. It’s hard to put a deal in place – whether selling a property or buying a property – when some other agent on the other end of the table is making it difficult for no reason. It’s that agent putting his interests before his clients’.”

Gail Boudreau, meanwhile, reminds her colleagues that agents are not the drivers of the transaction.

“My biggest pet peeve is other agents who forget that the deal is not about them,” she says. “We’re just middle people.”
5 – The lying agent
We don’t mean agents who lie outright – although we’re sure there are plenty of those. The lying agent is one who posts sloppy listings on the MLS.

Jacqueline Tai says these kinds of listings make it difficult for her to adequately serve her clients.

“Part of my job is to properly advise my clients and we do rely somewhat on the information that’s uploaded,” she says. “So, when it’s incorrect, it can cause problems in the future when misunderstandings happen.”

Carl Langschmidt takes issue with the photos on the MLS, or the lack thereof.

“I don’t know how there’s not more litigation on this issue,” he says. “When photographing a home, my fiduciary duties tell me I have to do my best, so it kills me when I see agents taking pictures with their phone or no pictures at all. It’s just sloppy marketing.”

David Fleming, meanwhile, remembers an MLS post in which a condo listed in the 800 to 899 square-foot range turned out to be only 744 square feet.

“Why is that not criminal?” he says. “It’s blatant misrepresentation in the business. I wish I could say that it’s a few bad apples, but there are a lot [of bad agents]. It just means that the rest of us have to hold ourselves to a higher standard.”

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