5 kinds of emotional clients

by Olivia D'Orazio14 Jan 2015
As hardened as you might be to buying and selling real estate, you can’t deny the overwhelming emotion that’s always involved, but as the professional, it’s your job to remain rational.
“You’re dealing with a lot of money and people’s largest equity; they can be very emotional,” says agent Fran Bennett. “You have to try to keep the emotion out of it. Most clients, or a lot of them, will be emotional. It’s our job as Realtors to try and keep everybody calm.”
But that job is often easier said than done. So we’ve compiled a list of the five most common kinds of emotional clients and how to deal with them.
1 – Frightened first-timers
First-time buyers are almost always fueled by fear. They’re afraid of a market crash, they’re worried they won’t be able to afford the house in a few years, and they’re terrified the house they’ve purchased might not be “the one” after all.
“For first-time buyers, it’s all about fear,” says real estate veteran Barry Lebow. “Fear is dominant right through real estate: where am I going to live, what am I going to do, did I over pay.”
Since first-time buyers are new to the process, those questions tend to weigh even heavier. Plus, Lebow says, they come to you with a lot of voices in their heads.
“They’re also loaded with too much information from too many people,” he says. “Uncle Lou bought a house in 1988, he’s telling them what to do.”
The Fix: It’s important to be a strong figure for first-time buyers. Quell their nerves and prove your trustworthiness.
“They have to trust the professionals and they have trouble letting go of that,” Lebow says. “You really need to guide them.”

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