5 kinds of emotional clients

by Olivia D'Orazio14 Jan 2015
2 – Picky sellers
These kinds of clients can remember where in the house their firstborn took his first steps, under which tree Garry the Goldfish was buried in 1989, and every single renovation that was done to their home. And they don’t want some careless buyer coming in and tearing everything apart.
“I had a nice house with my family and we had the largest tree in a couple of miles,” Lebow says, speaking from personal experience. “We were paranoid about who was buying the house, that they would cut the tree. So I needed someone who loved the tree. That was important to us.”
The Fix: Something as silly as a tree can sometimes make or break a deal that involves emotional clients. The best way to get around this scenario involves really knowing your clients and understanding what’s important to them, then being able to convey that to the buying agent of any potential new owners.
“Most people like to know that someone is moving in who will love [the home] as much as they did,” Lebow says.

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