5 kinds of emotional clients

by Olivia D'Orazio14 Jan 2015
3 – Proud powers of attorney
Selling a childhood home is hard enough, but selling a childhood home after one’s parents have passed away or moved into a nursing home is even harder.
“When we’ve got a house that’s been in the family a long time and the baby boomers have to handle it, they can’t,” Lebow says. “It’s not a house anymore; it’s a shrine to their childhood.”
Add to that a sibling who, as Lebow says, “can’t handle the emotional aspect” of selling the home, and the fear of telling a parent that this nursing home is now their only home, and you’ve got one tricky sale on your hands.
The Fix: This type of client knows what has to be done, but getting it done is certainly going to be a challenge.
“They have to be dragged through the process,” Lebow says.

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