5 kinds of emotional clients

by Olivia D'Orazio14 Jan 2015
4 – Divorce and family wars
Animosity among co-owners of a property can certainly be the most stressful situation for an agent to deal with. Whether that’s because of a divorce or just a strained sibling relationship, selling the property can often take a back seat to whatever squabbles arise.
“All the [stuff] that happened when they were 10 years old comes to the surface,” Lebow says. “The same thing with divorce – it’s highly irrational.”
The Fix: Lebow says the best way to get around arguing parties is looking straight to the future – one that doesn’t involve a property tying the owners to each other.
“The longer you own this property, the longer you have to have relations with each other,” he says to his clients. “Let’s sever the relations, let’s sell the property, get top dollar then move on.”
For less severe relationships, Lebow takes a softer approach, asking his clients to discuss a realistic future: does it include the property?
“Let’s start at the end,” he says, “make it happen now.”

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