5 reasons you should be using 3D technology

by 09 Jan 2015
If you thought your new drone was high-tech, think again! Virtual tours, and the 3D technology behind them, are making their way through the real estate business and savvy agents had better get on board.
I know, I know, it’s difficult to accept new technology – I myself resisted Twitter for four years before finally creating an account (follow me @REPolivia and REP @RealEstateProCA), but shameless plugs aside, this Jetsons-like marketing tool has a long list of benefits behind it.
Here are five reasons you need to get on board the 3D-tech train.
1 – It’s new, and people like new.
Before you start huffing and hawing, think about the iPhone and all the people who line up to buy a new iPhone, despite the fact that their current iPhones are barely two years old. People like new things, and 3D technology and virtual tours are no different.
“It’s new and novel,” admits Allan Consky, an agent in Toronto who uses the technology. “I grew up with technology and the older I get, the better [technology] gets. Today, if you’re not up on technology you’re not in business.”
Buyers, too, are increasingly expecting technology to play a big part in the home buying process – they likely found you online, after all.
“You’ve got a lot more savvy buyers and more technologies,” says Matt Grant, the creative director for LNG Studios, which creates 3D virtual tours for agents. “The market is more savvy and people expect technology to be part of the buying experience, particularly for presale.”
2 – Stand out from other agents.
Every listing has photos (hopefully) and a good number of them have videos, but virtual tours are still few and far between – likely due to relatively minimal cost and time constraints. For that reason, a virtual tour can make your listing stand out to potential buyers and your fellow agent.
“That’s a really interesting way of marketing a house, to capture a space,” Grant says. “That’s something I think in the next six months you’ll see a lot more of.”
Consky says even his less-than-stellar listings were able to shine with the technology.
“[One particular listing] was a difficult property because it was an unusual layout, it was divided into units, then with tenants, every unit was a mess,” he says. “But I got some fabulous still photos from the [3D company I used], and I still had some of the best looking listings that I’ve seen in a long time.”

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