5 reasons you should be using 3D technology

by 09 Jan 2015
3 – Get around tenants’ odd schedules.
Tenanted properties are difficult to show for the obvious reasons, but virtual tours can help to limit the disturbance to those renters – and can ensure a clean and organized property for every single virtual showing.
“There are a couple reasons [I like virtual tours],” Consky says. “One is for properties that would be hard to access because of the tenants.”
4 – Work more efficiently with overseas clients.
Overseas buyers are often do a good amount of their research before making the trip to Canada. With a virtual tour, you can show yourself as a thoughtful, helpful and extremely competent agent – one likely to get repeat business.
“If you’re selling in China and they can move through a property,” Grant says, “that’s a winner.”
But the ability to virtually walk through a house isn’t just a benefit to foreign investors. Relocating clients will appreciate the ability to see every nook and cranny of a home before the whirlwind of moving to a new place takes hold.
5 – Generate more leads by talking about the virtual tour.
Betcha didn’t see that coming. Consky says he’s used the technology to involve potential buyers in a longer conversation, and many of the potential buyers eventually become his clients.
“For me, it’s all about generating leads off the web,” he says. “It’s all about engaging the buyer, engage the caller in an interesting way that gets their attention, so that they put down their defences and maybe listen to what you have to say.
“Then before you know it, you have an appointment and a client. I’ve converted several calls into good leads and I’ve only used it twice.”

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