6 best gifts for the agents on your list

by Jamie Henry19 Dec 2014
If you’ve procrastinated on your gift buying this long – fear not! We’ve got gift ideas that are sure to impress every agent on your list.
Here are our top six picks for the best presents ever.
A self-stirring mug: for the agent who’s really busy
They’ve got hundreds of deals on the go and even more clients pouring through the door. Who has time to stir with a bustling business like that!
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An iPhone ghost detector: for the agent who always grabs the haunted listings
In some parts of the country, a haunted house is actually a selling feature. But you don’t want to be the agent who can’t deliver on a promised poltergeist, do you?
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A micro-drone: for the agent who’s flying right to the top
Drones are the year’s hottest new real estate toy, but they can be bulky – and expensive. The micro-drone is essentially a starter-kit for those agents obsessed with flying cameras.
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An iPhone stun gun: for the safety-minded agent
All agents should take steps to keep themselves safe at open houses and appointments, but for the agent who needs a little extra piece of mind, there’s this taser attachment for the smartphone.
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A coffee-cup charging station: for the agent on the go
This charging station comes with two outlets and a USB port, and is perfect for the agent who lives in their car – and who hates coffee, because this is not an actual cup.
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A wireless lawn mower: for the staging agents
Of course curb appeal is important, but this agent takes a perfectly trimmed lawn to a whole new level. So, there’s the wireless and solar-powered lawn mower, ensuring every blade is in tip-top shape.
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