6 ways to stop your clients from going FSBO

by Olivia D'Orazio09 Mar 2015
Every agent has lost a client to another sales rep at one point or another, but losing a client to a for-sale-by-owner company is even worse.
Here are six reasons your (former) client may have gone the DIY route – and how to stop that from happening again.
1 – You don’t communicate enough
Communication is key – especially when it involves your client’s largest asset.
The Fix: Make sure you keep your clients in the loop – send them email updates to tell them about whatever interest their property has been garnering on the open market.
2 – You still follow the three Ps
You’ve heard ‘em: Put a sign on the lawn, Put the listing on the MLS, and Pray. What’s not as cheeky is the fact that many agents don’t do much more than this to get a house sold.
The Fix: Find unique ways to market your client’s property, whether that’s through social media, advertising or even calling other agents to invite them to an open house.
3 – You keep your paycheck in mind
Of course you want the highest commission possible – there’s nothing wrong with being paid well for your hard work – but advising a client into a more expensive home, just for the higher commission cheque is wrong.
The Fix: Keep your clients top of mind during every deal, which is often easier said than done for some sales reps.
4 – You’re hard to get a hold of
No seller likes to feel ignored, and if you’re not answering your phone or responding to emails in a timely manner, that’s exactly how they’ll feel.
The Fix: Answer your phone when you can and return voicemail messages as soon as possible. Respond to emails and text messages immediately, even if it’s a simple response letting your client know you’ve received their message and you will get back to them shortly.
5 – You schedule showings without asking permission
Sure, their property is for sale, but no one likes strangers showing up unannounced, after all.
The Fix: Also get your clients’ approval before scheduling a showing. Or, better yet, be available for as many showings at your clients’ homes as possible.
6 – You have too many demands
Of course you’re there to offer constructive criticism about how to best prepare a property, but it’s unrealistic to ask your clients to change every little thing about their home.
The Fix: Pick your battles. Make a list of everything you think could be done to show the home at its fullest potential, and work with your clients to choose the best fixes to make.

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