8 must-have apps for 2015

by REP31 Dec 2014
Mobile technology is quickly becoming the next frontier in real estate and 2015 is the perfect time to jump aboard the mobile wave. So power up your smartphone and download these must-have apps.
1 – Genius Scan
The Genius Scan app allows you to – you guessed it – scan documents using your smartphone. Not only does the app let you easily make a digital copy of the paperwork you carry around every day, but you can even edit the scanned PDF in the app.
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2 – Dropbox
The Dropbox app syncs with the same software on your computer and/or tablet, making it easy to bring the office with you – whether or not that’s a good thing is for you to decide. Either way, you can share documents with clients and access all your digital files on your smartphone.
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3 – DocuSign
DocuSign, the software that lets you and your clients fill out and sign all kinds of paperwork, is now available as a smartphone app. Now you can – legally! – collect signatures from several different parties without having to drive or courier a hardcopy of the document to them.
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4 – YouTube Capture
Of course, nothing will beat a professional videographer, but this app is pretty nifty when you’re strapped for time. YouTube Capture allows you to record, edit and post a video to YouTube – all within the app.
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5 – Hootsuite
Hootsuite collects your social media activities on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Foursquare in one place. You can schedule messages and manage your networks, all in-app.
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6 – Listings+
This app might be the most useful for real estate agents. It lets you log and track all your listing activity in one place. Hosting an open house? Scheduling a showing? Got some feedback? It’s all in the app.
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7 – Evernote
Evernote is like a virtual assistant. The app lets you make lists, organize receipts, update expenses, take notes, and bookmark and collect web articles, to name a few features.
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8 – Caller Notes
This app is perfect for agents who still prefer a good ol’ fashioned phone call. Caller Notes lets you set reminders to follow up with potential clients, and make notes to remind you what you’re following up about.
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