• Taking a lesson from tanking by REP

    Watching others fail can cause us to feel empathy – or twisted satisfaction – but we should be learning valuable lessons

  • Tax credit promise divides agents by REP

    The effect of a home renovation tax credit that the federal government has promised to revive has divided agents, with some predicting it could increase home prices, while others say its impact would be negligible

  • Capital-gains myth busted by REP

    The growing number of rental property owners looking to minimize capital gains taxes at the point of sale may be in for a rude awakening and a hefty fine, cautions one property expert

  • Star Power by REP

    Creating online video may seem out of reach for many brokers, but two experts say it’s easier than you think

  • Judge takes back $650K in commissions by REP

    A high-flying agent has fallen from grace with a thud – a judge ordering him to pay back hundreds of thousands of dollars in commissions from an infamous deal

  • Agent ethics under the microscope by Olivia D'Orazio

    There’s fear a cooling market may place more pressure on agents to skirt the margins of ethical practice

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