• Chinese envoy calls out lax regulations by Jordan Maxwell

    The Chinese government’s top envoy in Vancouver says the city’s skyrocketing house prices and affordability crisis are due to a lack of regulation in the booming real estate market.

  • What’s the better buy: Vancouver or Toronto by Jordan Maxwell

    Talk of overpriced homes in two of Canada’s hottest real estate markets has one real estate group picking sides on which city offers the best bang for your buck.

  • Agents divided over impact of digital services by Jordan Maxwell

    Online information is becoming more and more of a boon for tech-savvy agents but a thorn in the side of others still struggling to find common ground with digital services.

  • Foreign investor data scarce, experts say by Jordan Maxwell

    The hot-button issue of foreign investors is raising the eyebrows of experts, who say the provincial government needs to do more to bridge a knowledge gap that could destabilize house prices.

  • 5 body language no-nos that could lose you clients by REP

    Your body language reveals signals you may be sending without even realizing it. Lose them before you lose your clients.

  • Agents put on the defensive by Jordan Maxwell

    Rising home prices have agents fighting an old foe – the idea that renters will have bigger nest eggs than buyers.

  • New buyers for Western agents by

    One government’s move to allow investors greater access to their money is set to bring even more buyers to key markets out West.

  • Land transfer tax compounds selling challenge by Olivia D'Orazio

    Industry veterans are pointing to one city’s second land transfer tax as a major drag in the fight to bring more inventory to a hungry market.

  • 12 life-changing ideas by REP

    In a rut? A real estate guru has 12 business ideas to turn your business around.

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