• Study calls for regulatory overhaul, citing expensive delays by Neil Sharma

    A new report delineating a surge in study costs and ever-expanding timelines is calling for the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment Process to be overhauled

  • Inverse career path by Neil Sharma

    Usually when real estate brokers switch sides, they start in residential and transition into commercial searching for a few big paydays

  • Word-of-mouth power by REP

    Probably the most important marketing channel for real estate professionals doesn’t involve formal communication at all: it’s all about referrals

  • What can agents expect for the rest of 2016? by Justin da Rosa

    These recently released stats may hold the key to determining just how busy agents can expect to be for the rest of the year

  • Low-ball listings driving up Vancouver prices? by Ephraim Vecina

    While various factors have been pointed as the main drivers of housing price growth in Vancouver, an industry observer said that bidding wars due to low listing prices are to blame

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