• Getting inside our heads by

    Taking your team to the next level means understanding yourself. Jill Fraser reports

  • Election hangover? by John Tenpenny

    Liberal takeover of Parliament Hill could see short-term change in the seller-buyer dynamic

  • P.E.I. Realtor wooing foreign buyers by John Tenpenny

    Agent embarking on trip to China to speak to 157 families moving to Canada and sell them on the benefits of Island living

  • Driving change when to involve the troops by REP

    Leadership is always a delicate balance, and knowing when to involve your staff in an important initiative is just one of these balancing acts – and the timing needs to be just right

  • Will condo changes benefit agents? by John Tenpenny

    Owners and developers could reap windfall profits from B.C. strata property, but the jury’s still out for agents

  • Thanks, Jays by Vernon Clement Jones

    Sure there's always next year, but , wow, thanks so much for 2015.

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