• Do you really know what PR can do for you? by REP

    When a new agent develops his or her business plan, they often include advertising but overlook public relations (PR), thinking that it’s a high priced process and not for them.

  • Daily Market Update by REP

    Unsold condos stacking up... Low interest rates to save housing market?... Confidence in Canadian markets varied: Conference Board of Canada...

  • Why your clients shouldn’t care about home prices by Olivia D'Orazio

    When determining a property’s affordability, your clients will likely bee-line to the price tag, but these industry experts say there’s another factor that’s far more important.

  • Mortgage lenders tightening in major market by Justin da Rosa

    Homebuyers in one major market may have difficulty in qualifying for a mortgage as sinking oil prices scare lenders in the region.

  • 3 ways to promote your charitable activities by Jamie Henry

    Charitable events are an important part of the business, but promoting your generosity without seeming conceited can be tricky. Here are three tips for doing just that.

  • Daily Market Update by REP

    Calgary starting to feel oil crunch... Realtor looks to long-term health in Calgary... Commercial real estate healthy in Sault Ste. Marie...

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