• Home prices continue to grow by Justin da Rosa

    The indomitable Vancouver and Toronto markets continue to drive housing price gains, evidence of inventory challenges that continue to plague key markets.

  • Want fries with that Realtor? by John Tenpenny

    Real estate agents should consider more than just their commission when trying to woo clients

  • Four keys to successful negotiation by REP

    Negotiation is an essential part of daily life and crucial to a successful business

  • TREB tribunal hearing to break for Thanksgiving by John Tenpenny

    The ongoing tribunal hearing between TREB and the Competition Bureau will break for the Thanksgiving weekend, but that only gives both sides time to prepare for the increasingly heated hearing

  • De-stress your life – and start right now by

    A long weekend once a month is hardly enough to keep stress at bay. Here are daily, weekly and monthly tips for de-stressing your life. And what better time to start than after a big Thanksgiving dinner?

  • Family tragedy to change real estate industry? by John Tenpenny

    While most real estate professionals are spending this weekend with their families, one seat will be noticeably empty – and it may finally be the push the industry needs to adopt safety standards

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