• How to build a virtual workforce by

    From cost cutting to freeing up brokers to meet clients, ditching the office has a lot to offer if you can get it right, explains virtual working expert Ruth MacKay

  • Five reasons you should hire older workers too by Contributor

    Just because all the emphasis is placed on millennials doesn’t mean you should neglect to hire older workers altogether – here's why

  • Agent’s deception gives industry bad name by REP

    The deception an agent used to drum up business has been labeled 'pretty sleazy' and highlights the damage one person can inflict on the industry

  • Agents treading lightly with illegal suites by REP

    Recent changes to how agents advertise homes with secondary suites are slowing down deals and may be depriving the industry of an important selling tool

  • Bringing Gen Y on board by REP

    Looking to engage with a new generation of real estate buyers? That means you may need to engage a new generation of employees

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