• Not enough properties to sell? Try somewhere else… by Olivia D'Orazio

    In the country’s most popular markets, new inventory stock may be hard to find. However there is one rapidly growing niche that may still have plenty of opportunities for agents in the know.

  • Is print dead in real estate? by Jamie Henry

    Modern marketers are quick to point to social networking and smartphones as an instant panacea to all the marketing problems encountered by the real estate profession. Need to promote a house? Forget postcards, send an email. Who needs an open house when virtual tours are available 24/7? Not so quick; our tried and tested marketing methods will be in use for many years yet to come.

  • Offers without inspections spell danger by Olivia D'Orazio

    A growing number of agents are acceding to client requests to submit offers without inspection conditions and while that is a risky move at the best of times, there are some obvious red flags sales reps should warn clients to be on the lookout for regardless.

  • Go overseas to find foreign buyers by Olivia D'Orazio

    Agents looking to break into the foreign-buyer market need to go where those high-worth clients increasingly are – so you’d better save for that plane ticket.

  • Negotiation: when people are the problem by REP

    Nine times out of 10, when it comes to negotiation, issues, not people, are the problem. But very occasionally, certain personality types make a mutually-agreeable settlement impossible.

  • Disclosure and 'haunted' houses by Olivia D'Orazio

    You’ve disclosed the sticking windows, the old furnace and the leaky faucet – but what about the ghost that roams the halls of the house?

  • These listing photos are downright terrifying by REP

    A few weeks ago, we brought your attention to a blog that had us tickled pink with its collection of lousy listing photos. Well, now that same blog has us tickled red – blood red, to be exact.

  • Is dirty money inflating Canada’s property prices? by Jamie Henry

    A recent opinion piece by a well-known Canadian journalist has pointed the finger firmly at embezzled Chinese funds as the cause of high Canadian property prices.

  • Do Halloween decorations scare buyers away? by Olivia D'Orazio

    With Halloween upon us, homes throughout the neighbourhood are crawling with spiders, the spirits and other spooky scenes, but tell your clients not to leave their decorations at the store.

  • Haunted open house spooks buyers by REP

    In the spirit of Halloween, Trulia, the U.S.-based digital realty site, staged its own hidden-camera prank to scare potential home buyers.

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