• Banks refuse rate match to keep market afloat by Justin da Rosa

    One big bank has offered an explanation for why its prime rate doesn’t match the Bank of Canada’s overnight rate, but some industry players aren’t exactly sold.

  • Daily Market Update by REP

    Alberta real estate headed for U.S-style recession... Hamilton investments rated 2nd in Ontario... Companies team up to buy potential oil field...

  • Millennials push up homeownership timeline on lower rates by Jamie Henry

    Many Millennials are looking to get into the home market sooner than they previous expected, according to a new report, largely on newly lowered mortgage rates.

  • Impact of oil values felt across the country by Olivia D'Orazio

    Sales reps in Canada’s oil-producing provinces are already preparing for the impact of sinking oil values, but agents on the opposite side of the country are also concerned with what happens out West.

  • Lighter Side: Super fan takes fandom to a whole new level by REP

    A super fan in Seattle has taken his love for the NFL to a whole new level, which likely won’t pay off – regardless of whether the team takes home the Vince Lombardi Trophy this Sunday.

  • Coffee house boosts property appreciation by Jennifer Paterson

    It can be difficult to predict which housing market will appreciate in value, but apparently it pays to buy a property close to certain trendy coffee shops over others.

  • 5 low-cost renos that add massive value by Jamie Henry

    Selling a property is costly enough but here are five quick and cheap renos your clients can do to add massive value to their homes.

  • Lighter Side: The latest real estate trend is ‘da bomb’ by Jamie Henry

    Haunted houses and abandoned factories were once all the rage when it came to hip trends in real estate, but this latest conversion property style will really – ahem – blow you away.

  • B.C. cities applaud rate cut by Jordan Maxwell

    As the effects of the interest rate cut continues to be felt in the Canadian market and TD predicting yet another rate cut yesterday, some Realtors couldn’t be happier with the news.

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