• Co-ops: no longer the untouchables by Olivia D'Orazio

    Clients faced with a competitive marketplace are increasingly drawn to lowly priced co-operative listings, but few clients – and agents, for that matter – understand the finer points to buying and selling these unique properties.

  • Real-time real estate trends service would benefit agents by Jennifer Paterson

    Canadian agents would benefit from the kind of U.S. service now predicting property market trends in real-time, says one leading economist – but with one condition.

  • ‘Bully offers’ create fairness for buyers by Jennifer Paterson

    A new phrase being added to real estate listings is treating buyers as fairly as it treats sellers, say agents.

  • Warning! Fake client trying to lure agents to properties by REP

    Industry leaders are cautioning agents working Toronto’s west end, warning them about a seemingly ideal client intent on luring them to vacant properties.

  • Reputation is everything, warns agent by Olivia D'Orazio

    In an exclusive with REP, one commercial real estate professional is pointing to her own ordeal in reminding fellow agents to protect their brands against the kind of attack hers suffered.

  • How clients choose you – flip a coin or beauty parade? by Olivia D'Orazio

    Easier access to real estate information is driving home the importance of competent representation, say industry players although at least one survey claims that Canadians mindlessly choose their agents.

  • How good is your website? Internet 101 for agents: bounce rates by REP

    If you suspect your website is failing to produce actual clients, this one statistic could explain why. Brokerages are not in the same business as Buzzfeed; it’s great your blog on staging has been re-tweeted 50 times, but will it get clients through the door?

  • Lighter Side: Racist covenants still in Vancouver property titles by Jamie Henry

    As modern Canadians we may think that we are fair and equitable to all, but it hasn’t always been so, and at least one Vancouver agent has found some embarrassing covenants in a buyer’s title.

  • Lighter Side: Peeping drone sinks to new lows by Jamie Henry

    Drones are the latest fad when it comes to real estate marketing, but at least one operator may be making drone fly-bys more of a controversial practice than just a cool way to make a neat listing video.

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