• Experts split on rate outlook by Jamie Henry

    Will there be a rate fluctuation in the next 30-45 days? It depends who you ask, with’s panel of experts not reaching a consensus this month.

  • Booming 2014 to give way to moderated 2014 and 2015? by Justin da Rosa

    CMHC forecasts gradually improving economic conditions in Canada in 2014 and 2015; though it also predicts a moderation in housing starts, according to its latest quarterly Housing Market Outlook report, released Wednesday.

  • CMHC crunches condo ownership breakdown by Justin da Rosa

    Industry professionals have often wondered what percentage of condos in Canada’s two biggest markets are occupied by their owners, and what per cent are owned by investors – and the data has finally been compiled.

  • Housing starts rise slowly in July: CMHC by Vernon Jones

    Housing supply in many markets is set to ease slightly as the number of construction starts rise again, according to the latest figures from the CMHC.

  • The three toughest work conversations by Jamie Henry

    If you’ve been in any sort of managerial role for a while, you’ve had to tackle some tough conversations - and talking about an employee's work ethic or attitude can be among the toughest.

  • Resales boom in one market by Jamie Henry

    July 2014 was likely one of the busiest months in recent memory for many real estate agents in one of Canada’s markets, with the number of resales marking the second best July on record.

  • What Canadian agents can learn from the Zillow-Trulia merger by Olivia D'Orazio

    The Zillow-Trulia merger in the U.S. has several American real estate agencies calling for the end of days. But just as traditional American Realtors are picking up and getting on with business, so too can Canadian agents learn from one of the biggest real estate mergers in recent history.

  • Brokerage beefs up services to stay competitive by Olivia D'Orazio

    As sell-by-owner listings become more and more popular, realty brokerages have been scrambling to broaden their offerings and stay competitive. The Red Pin is one of those brokerages, having just added a mortgage arm to become a full-service home-buying firm, guiding its clients through the entire process.

  • Canadian confidence in property surges by Vernon Jones

    Forget the negativity and doomsday reports, Canadian consumers have never been so confident about the market…apart from one economist.

  • Condo sales continue to surge by Jamie Henry

    As more buyers flock to the condo market, will some homeowners capitalize on the momentum and cash out?

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