• Can double-ending really be fair? by Olivia D'Orazio

    Agents are increasingly comfortable with the practice of double-ending, but that’s placing greater emphasis on the protocols they have in place to protect both their clients and their reputations when multiple-bidding situations are thrown into the mix.

  • Hardly legal income suites unfortunately the norm, agents say by Olivia D'Orazio

    While fiduciary responsibility may ultimately rest with the broker, industry pros are calling on agents to verify the legality of their sellers’ income suites. Good luck with that, BTW.

  • Is commercial real estate the last frontier for women? by Jamie Henry

    Women are cracking through the last of the industry’s glass ceilings but still have a ways to go, say industry players pointing to the increasingly competitive nature of that segment of the market.

  • Daily Market Update by

    CMHC admits data vacuum on foreign investors… Vancouver property tax is outdated and unfair say critics… Calgary’s population keeps on growing… US housing market continues to grow…

  • Retail floor a cheat sheet for condo sales, agents say by Olivia D'Orazio

    It’s a foolproof cheat sheet for agents selling condos: look no further than the retail spaces underpinning those highrises for clues revealing the ideal buyer.

  • Agents are businesspeople, not sales reps by Jamie Henry

    Get your licence, get a fancy logo, get started in the business selling houses – right? Not if you want to succeed. Being an agent is way more than just selling product.

  • Think you’re in sales? You’re not. by REP

    Real estate is indeed a business, but as real estate agent Gail Boudreau points out, the business is all about hospitality.

  • Daily Market Update by Jamie Henry

    Credit rating firm warning on housing market… CMHC president says market is robust… Calgary breaks an MLS record... Economic confidence falls again… Non-residential construction investment increases…

  • Has Canada achieved the ‘elusive soft landing’? by Olivia D'Orazio

    The verdict may be in: a new report by global financial giant Credit Suisse suggests Canada has already avoided the kind of severe market correction many agents continue to worry about.

  • Is your social media campaign broken? by Olivia D'Orazio

    As a lead generator, social media has been a bust for even the tech-savviest agents, say industry players, but here’s why you shouldn’t throw the baby out with the virtual bathwater.

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