• Flying solo by Jamie Henry

    Real estate and personal finance experts believe going solo on the purchase of your first home is a good thing as it can make for a worthwhile investment.

  • Sales of high-end real estate soaring by Jamie Henry

    Sales of high-end homes in Toronto have surged this year, outstripping the growth in sales of more modestly priced homes, reports The Globe and Mail.

  • 5 Minutes with Brandon Sage by REP

    Brandon Sage is the New Business Development Manager with LandLord Property Management Inc., a Toronto-based property and rental management firm.

  • Wading into the bidding wars by Jamie Henry

    Home buyers across Canada are being thrust into multiple offer situations, and this is not just limited to the hot markets of Toronto and Vancouver, reports the Financial Post.

  • 5 Minutes with Michael Jakobczak by REP

    Michael Jakobczak is a Woodbridge, Ont.-based investor and the co-founder of, a company that helps Canadian buyers find investment opportunities in the United States.

  • 5 Minutes with Dan Caird by REP

    Dan Caird is a mortgage agent with Northwood Mortgage Ltd. in Markham, Ont. An experienced real estate investor, Dan currently helps fellow investors get the financing they need for their property purchases.

  • 5 Minutes with Lena Guirguis by REP

    Lena Guirguis is an Ottawa-based real estate investor, Senior Managing Partner at Ottawa Capital Partners, and one of the founders of NV Property Management, a boutique property management firm.

  • The hidden costs of buying a home: Part 2 by REP

    In her last article, Lena Guirguis outlined a few of the hidden costs that some first time home buyers may not have planned for such as legal fees, land transfer taxes, appraisals, as well as HST on new homes and on CMHC premiums.

  • Three tips for entering bidding wars by REP

    Bidding wars can be a dangerous territory for buyers to step into, especially if they are not educated or are unfamiliar with the intricate elements of the process.

  • The hidden costs of buying a home: Part 1 by REP

    Many first-time home buyers believe that once they have saved their minimum down payment and pre-qualified for the home of their dreams, they are ready to jump into the world of home ownership.

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