• Daily Market Update by Jamie Henry

    Realtors say we’re in a “bullish breakout year” for Vancouver condo investments… Calgary real estate market defies trends… Office boom predicted for Calgary… GenWorth Canada launches new app for mortgage professionals…

  • Mortgage fraud sends reality TV stars to jail by REP

    These dream clients drove expensive cars, lived in a luxury mansion and forged documents to get six-figure home loans. But their past has finally caught up with them and this celebrity couple has been sentenced to prison.

  • Mid-level agents need not apply by Olivia D'Orazio

    Although Realtors aren’t able to incorporate in some provinces, one agency group at least is using a novel way to use a company structure to help with tax planning for its agents. The structure, however, is best suited to high performers.

  • What’s in a (domain) name by Jamie Henry

    CREA members will soon have a leg-up on other real estate agents, with the Oct. 23 launch of the .realtor top-level domain.

  • Chris Fyvie’s edge on the old boys’ club by REP

    Chris Fyvie has a real edge on his commercial real estate competition. Often perceived as an old boys’ club, Fyvie is leveraging his savvy tech knowledge to win new deals, satisfy new clients and break the glass ceiling in commercial real estate.

  • Daily Market Update by

    Calgary MLS sales near record level for September… Fund management company says BoC needs to revert to talks of interest rate rises… Could some seniors be better off renting?

  • Part-timers should disclose their status by Olivia D'Orazio

    The market is tightening, business is getting tougher and there are new calls to let consumers know if the agent they are planning on using is a full-time real estate agent or maybe a plumber, mechanic or pilot during their ‘day’ job.

  • Regulators failing rookie agents by Olivia D'Orazio

    Brokers are rebuking licensing bodies, which they claim do little to prepare agents for work in the field, but are unprofessional and unqualified sales reps really the fault of the boards and associations?

  • 5 safety tips for your next open house by REP

    The most recent kidnap and murder of a real estate agent during a showing is being taken as a lesson to sales reps throughout North America.

  • Swallow your pride, reap the rewards later by Olivia D'Orazio

    Agents who once turned up their noses at leasing clients are now taking on the lower-paying work. Is this a sign of the changing times, where Realtors now outnumber buyers in several parts of the country?

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