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How to get listings in this super hot market

Craig Proctor, top Canadian real estate agent and coach, offers advice on how to dominate during these crazy times.

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KBCC continues to relentlessly rise up against violence

Relentless to Rise is an initiative that empowers women and their families.

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RELNKS expands platform for realtors

This new platform helps first-time homebuyers connect with local realtors who can help them navigate the market. It will be a great platform to help realtors find quality leads.

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How to build a virtual workforce

From cost cutting to freeing up brokers to meet clients, ditching the office has a lot to offer if you can get it right, explains virtual working expert Ruth MacKay

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Five reasons you should hire older workers too

Just because all the emphasis is placed on millennials doesn’t mean you should neglect to hire older workers altogether – here's why

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Here's how you can maximize lead generation

Lead generation is one of the most integral facets of being a real estate sales agent, so how can it be maximized?

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Our new study takes a deeper look into “the state of remote work”

We’re excited to announce the findings of a new research study that TINYpulse has co-authored with Owl Labs, on the state of remote work

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Rate of new home construction across Canada trending stable

Greater demand for multi-unit residential buildings fuelling this activity

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'We still have bidding wars'

Canada's two most expensive real estate markets are becoming even more exclusively reserved for the few

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Are your employees liable for data breaches?

Cybersecurity firm advises firms on minimizing risks from uninformed, careless or irresponsible workers

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Should dual agencies be banned?

The Office of the Superintendent of Real Estate's proposed ban on dual agency—when a sales agent represents both a buyer and a seller—in British Columbia are being met with mixed feelings, especially in the north of the province

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Growing number of foreigners holding Canadian mortgages – study

Younger foreign buyers might be receiving parental assistance for their purchases, CMHC says

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