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The Cornerstone of Real Estate Sales is Trust: Insights by Broker's Playbook

Looking for an edge in real estate. The Broker's Playbook might be the resource you've been looking for!

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Invaluable Resources: Revolutionizing the Real Estate Professional's Landscape

Explore the dynamic landscape of a skilled real estate professional. With a keen understanding of property markets, buying, selling, and investment.

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Close 3 Deals in 30 Days: It’s Time to Open The Broker's Playbook!

Unlock The Broker's Playbook: Close 3 Deals in 30 Days. Accelerate your success in real estate with expert strategies.

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U.S. steel tariffs threaten Canadian condo markets

The U.S. government yesterday announced that it is slapping tariffs on Canadian aluminum and steel, and that could be potentially disastrous for Canada’s condominium markets

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Cooling housing markets take toll on provinces' 2018 growth

A report expects slower economic expansion across Canada this year

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Are the best leadership qualities making you a bad manager?

Don't take these great leadership qualities to the extreme, or else you can end up sabotaging yourself

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Is the Lower Mainland reeling or balancing?

"As far as the overall market period for the whole Lower Mainland here, things have quieted down dramatically,"

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Ontario municipalities seek clear property tax plans from parties ahead of elections

Concerns have been raised over their share of the levy compared to the federal and provincial governments

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How to resolve conflicts between coworkers

Workplace conflicts can really kill organizational culture. Find out how to resolve issues between coworkers before it gets out of hand

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Don Cherry gives REMAX thumbs up

REMAX partners up with the Western Hockey League and host of Coach’s Corner

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RE/MAX INTEGRA signs up for automated luxury listing program

Campaign will focus on luxury properties nationwide and in New England

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Is co-ownership a good idea?

For starters, it depends how many people live under that roof

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