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How to get listings in this super hot market

Craig Proctor, top Canadian real estate agent and coach, offers advice on how to dominate during these crazy times.

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KBCC continues to relentlessly rise up against violence

Relentless to Rise is an initiative that empowers women and their families.

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RELNKS expands platform for realtors

This new platform helps first-time homebuyers connect with local realtors who can help them navigate the market. It will be a great platform to help realtors find quality leads.

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When is the right time to ask for referrals?

Do you generally wait for a transaction to be completed before asking for a referral? According to industry-leading sales trainer Richard Robbins, you might be missing out on a boatload of new business

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Women have become real estate industry's biggest drivers

While some industries are slow to change and reflect predominant social mores, the real estate industry is not one of them

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Is 'Radical Candor' the key to being an awesome manager?

Radical candor is a concept that’s been growing in popularity — although it’s a concept that can be misunderstood and misused

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A tiny solution for a big problem

Tiny houses are taking British Columbia by storm. But while they're touted by some as a solution to the affordability crisis, these mobile houses are running into roadblocks in the form of municipal bylaws

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Move over, Silicon Valley

Toronto's tech sector hasn't supplanted Silicon Valley, but it is aggressively jockeying for position, and to some, it's only a matter of time before Canada's largest city seriously challenges the American hub for that mantle

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Rate-hike cycle already the worst in two decades

Current analyses do not show the full consequences of further increases, Macquarie says

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Building for those who need it most

This winter has been one of the coldest in recent memory, and, unfortunately, that's exposed some of the most vulnerable to even greater hardships than the many they already endure

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Rate adjustment to further burden Canadian borrowers – analysts

Holders of 5-year mortgages need to brace themselves

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How to maintain good health as a busy professional

Do you have the energy for it? Here’s how to achieve and maintain good health as a busy professional

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