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How to get listings in this super hot market

Craig Proctor, top Canadian real estate agent and coach, offers advice on how to dominate during these crazy times.

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KBCC continues to relentlessly rise up against violence

Relentless to Rise is an initiative that empowers women and their families.

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RELNKS expands platform for realtors

This new platform helps first-time homebuyers connect with local realtors who can help them navigate the market. It will be a great platform to help realtors find quality leads.

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Foreign ownership of Canadian condos more prevalent than expected

Many of these properties were concentrated in the downtown areas of leading markets, according to Statistics Canada

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Leadership qualities managers need in an ever-changing era

In today's fast-paced business world, companies — and start-ups in particular — need to continuously adapt in order to remain competitive

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Luxury living here to stay, says Sotheby's

Coming off a strong showing in 2017, luxury real estate markets in Canada's three largest cities will remain robust this year, according to Sotheby's International Realty Canada's Top-Tier Real Estate Report

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Tighter rules might boost activity in Canada's mortgage bond market

The current regulatory regime will compel a growing number of would-be borrowers to resort to more creative means of funding

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Think zoning out is a waste of time? It might actually make you productive

According to a Harvard study, we spend nearly half of our time — 47% to be exact — thinking about something other than what we're doing at any particular moment

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OREA suggests governments leaving middle-class behind

Tim Hudak, former leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario and current Ontario Real Estate Association CEO, says 2018 will be a jarring year if the government doesn't change tack

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10 mistakes you're probably making that are killing the company culture

You've worked hard to build a strong company. But add a few certain evil ingredients into the mix, and it's amazing how quickly all of that hard work can be for naught

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Expect more of the same this year

With a municipal election in Vancouver this year, the approvals process could be even slower, but one thing not expected to change is the city’s supply crunch

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No new regulations, drastic home price increases in 2018 – analysis

Industry and consumers can expect a less stressful 2018

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