A boon for agents in the COVID-19 era

by Neil Sharma on 07 Dec 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has, without a doubt, made sales agents’ jobs more difficult, but a one-stop-shop marketing cloud service is helping them stay in touch with clients and keep their businesses afloat.

Jumptools does everything from delivering clients automated messages and building single property websites to sending out e-blasts. According to Jon MacCall, the company’s president, sales agents should check in with their clients no fewer than seven times throughout the year, but the novel coronavirus has thrown a spanner in the works. Of paramount importance, he says, is helping agents do what they’ve always done, only in the COVID-19 era.

“You have to let your clients know you’re still there and they’ll introduce you to their sphere of family and friends. The trick is in both knowing and remembering you need to do that, and that’s why your CRM is your best friend,” MacCall told REP. “Under our CRM, we have action plans and email drip campaigns, which is, at least out of the box, a monthly way to stay in touch. For your A- and B-class clients, you’ll for sure use a drip campaign, and it’s a hands-off way for you to stay in touch. We pre-write a year’s worth of these emails, but you can choose how often they’re sent.”

Jumptools also markets properties for sales agents, which can prove especially useful during a pandemic when open houses become prohibited. The platform comes with a marketing studio that offers online property tours, which involve a slideshow of photos that the agent can affix with written descriptions, and take potential buyers through the property room-by-room, floor-by-floor.

In fact, sales agents can make an “infinite number” of property websites, according to MacCall, for the cost of a single domain name.

“You get SEO benefits because those websites focus on specific properties and neighbourhoods, and they always provide a link back to your primary website with us,” he said. “So you have a virtual circle of links. It’s a properly executed SEO strategy, and these days it’s about the only way you can market a property.”

Jumptools also launched a series of pandemic-related content that agents can use to ingratiate themselves to their clients. The content addresses everything from the challenges of being isolated to home workout routines. With the second wave of COVID-19 infections resulting in another round of lockdowns, MacCall noted the timeliness.

“There’s a series of 25 or 30 emails you can use to stay in touch and open a dialogue with your clients and sphere of influence. Our job is to make it easy for you to look good to your existing clients and help you market to new clients. We can’t help you with transactions, because that’s your expertise, but we handle all the writing around it.”

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