Agents critical of affordability plan

by Justin da Rosa23 Nov 2016
Industry players had some not-so-kind feedback following the release of the CMHC’s housing policy report.

Some readers referred to the study as a waste of time and financial resources.

“True to form, the government in their great wisdom likely spent millions of dollars and several months to come up with a rhetorical report and a list of items that have been blatantly obvious for years now,” reader Felix Vortsman wrote in the REP forum. “In (the) meantime, they have yet to formulate, discuss, get approved and implement any meaningful solution whatsoever, which of course will take several years before they even begin taking any necessary action whatsoever; that is if any action is ultimately taken at all.”

The Canadian government unveiled its housing strategy reports, following months of consultation with Canadians and industry stakeholders.

“Affordable housing can connect individuals with the facilities and services they need to build secure, productive and meaningful lives for themselves. Living close to jobs, public transportation and childcare enables people to participate fully in society and the economy,” Jean-Yves Duclos, minister of families, children and social development, said in the report, entitled What we heard: Shaping Canada’s national housing strategy. “A National Housing Strategy will align the efforts and resources of all players – governments, stakeholders in the private and non-profit sectors and others – toward improving housing outcomes for all Canadians.”

The government said it will consider the consultation gleaned through the consultation before implementing further housing policy.

Some readers, however, argue the market should be left to govern itself.

“They need to get out of the way and the market will work fine, rather than stacking one failed policy on top of another failed policy in an attempt to fix it,” one anonymous reader wrote. “We in the West are the best countries in the world. The reason for that is we're capitalist democracies. Or -- we were.”

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