Agents divided over impact of digital services

by Jordan Maxwell24 Jun 2015
Yet another online real estate tool has entered the market attempting to fill the gap between agents and sellers as digital real estate services continue to boom.

Home Contender is the latest in a new wave of tools designed to make the selling process smoother, and while many protest the effectiveness of such websites, some are applauding the technology for evolving the industry and forcing change.

“I’m a fan of sites like this because it’s creating conversation and change in the industry and the status quo for agents,” said Nick Karadza, a broker of record with Rockstar Realty, told REP. “Agents should always focus on what they do best, and sites like this don’t bother me because I tailor my business based on service not price, which is what I think worries a lot of agents.”

“The industry is so old school. Everyone wants to protect their turf, that I understand, but someone will always come along and try to break the mold. Some have bad business models, but there’s a lot of opportunity there so it’s important for agents to focus on what they do best.”

The comments come following a series of digital services that have been making their mark of late. Following the closure of Zoocasa, Yellow Pages recently released a new service, while FeeDuck, another online tool, just recently expanded nationally.

Now Home Contender is looking to make an impact for the homeowner, providing an efficient way to list a property and find an agent ideally suited to their needs. It creates a marketplace where multiple agents have the chance to pitch the client.

The website gives sellers power and shifts the onus onto agents: as opposed to sellers approaching agents, they put up their listing and sit back while offers from agents come to them.

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