Agents must analyze to capitalize

by Jamie Henry08 Dec 2014
Anyone can regurgitate statistics, but being able to properly analyse those numbers is what sets real estate agents apart from housing enthusiasts.
“Qualifying and prioritizing information available to clients digitally is required to enable quality decisions to be made by buyers and sellers,” writes Mike Basler, an agent in London, Ont., in the REP forum. “Information can be deceptive if not interpreted properly. To my knowledge there is no regulatory body that ensures web information is accurate.”
The prevalence of the World Wide Web has shifted agents’ value proposition toward analyses. Indeed, conversations following an earlier REP story, titled Is the role of Realtor becoming defunct?, argued sales reps are no longer gatekeepers of information; rather their roles have evolved.
“Where people are involved and decisions are needed,” writes one anonymous commenter, “then guidance, objective advice, and negotiation will continue to be valuable.”
Indeed, buyers rely on their agents to refocus the process when emotions become too involved – after a devastating loss, for instance. Similarly, sellers often need help distancing their fond memories of a home from the tactics required to sell that house for top dollar.
“Technology effectively pushing agents out of the equation?” Basler says. “I don't think so. We may need to evolve, but this is a good thing. Without change there can be no growth.”

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