Agents navigating Pan Am congestion

by Jordan Maxwell10 Jul 2015
Real estate agents in the GTA are looking at ways to navigate the congestion circus that will inevitably be a factor for agents when the Pan Am Games kicks off Friday.

Andy McEachern, a real estate agent with Keller Williams, is one of the many who are scheming up ways to avoid city traffic over the next two weeks and said that agents will have to manage their clients accordingly.

“It’s certainly going to be tough to get around the city. Uber would be a good resource because it’s cheap and they pick you up relatively quickly from whatever location you’re at,” he told REP. “It’s smart to avoid driving because it can get expensive from a time and money standpoint.”

His comments reflect what could be an issue for many downtown-area realtors once the Pan Am Games gets underway this weekend. At a time when many agents are looking into hiring private drivers to cut transportation costs and avoid exorbitant parking prices, some are getting creative about how they’re going to approach this issue.

In the GTA alone, special lanes, detours, and parking changes are just the beginning but with more than 180 road closures taking place during the Games, getting around the city will be extra challenging.

To evade the threat of wasted productivity, many agents are resorting to setting up in-house services or are working from home to stay in action while others have opted to stay away from the city all together.

Jeffery Joseph, a real estate agent with Harvey Kalles Real Estate Ltd., is one of the agents opting for in-house services as opposed to venturing out to meet clients throughout the games.

“Toronto traffic is difficult as is, never mind the games so you have to do what works,” he said. “If you can’t kick, punt.” 

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