Agents need to teach clients about good service

by Olivia D'Orazio09 Dec 2014
The public’s cheap view of real estate agents is your own fault, argue some sales reps pointing to the industry’s lack of public education.
“We're still doing a lousy job at educating the consumer as to the value of a good Realtor because the public has no idea what a good Realtor does and what a 'bad' Realtor does not do,” explains an anonymous commenter in the REP forum. “Agents' value is pushed to the forefront when there are problems. Unfortunately the consumer has no idea of everything that is involved and I believe we Realtors need to educate the consumer regarding what can go wrong in a real estate transaction that causes a transaction to fall apart.”
Short of fear mongering, that commenter suggested agents explain to their clients the true risks of selling real estate – a buyer’s lie that took down a deal, a poor home inspector who missed a dangerously broken furnace.
“Almost every Realtor has some version of this story,” writes agent Wayne Ryan in the forum, detailing an instance in which he successfully sold a formerly FSBO property, “how their knowledge and expertise saved a client money, problems, law suits.”
Another anonymous commenter said trying to persuade the public with a list of expenses – marketing costs, the price of a website, how expensive gas has gotten, is useless.
“What it costs an agent to be in business is completely irrelevant to the consumer,” that agent wrote. “What is relevant is the value of the service, [which is] whatever the market will bear, and [the public] couldn't care less about [our] overhead.”

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