Agents react to cease and desist order from TREB

by Justin da Rosa09 Sep 2016
Following the suspension of one agent’s sold data information portal, agents are having their say.

“Not sure why Mr. Beach wouldn’t clear this up with TREB before offering the sold data. If every person who didn’t follow the rules complained because they got reprimanded, then what’s the point of having any system anyways?” agent Jagdeep Singh wrote in REP’s forum. “By offering information that his rule-abiding colleagues are not offering, isn’t Mr. Beach playing an unfair game and undermining the credibility of the entire profession?”

Early Thursday, the website, which is managed by agent Fraser Beach, posted an online message that its publication has been temporarily suspended following the receipt of a cease and desist letter from the Toronto Real Estate Board’s legal counsel.

It was the second time in just over a year Beach has had to pull the information.

Many agents have been critical of the website, arguing, among other things, that sharing it is a breach of homebuyer and sellers’ privacy.

“As an agent in another province, I can say that good agents exist across the country. But we have given our data away for too long,” an anonymous agent wrote. “If someone really wants to know what their neighbours' home sold for, they are free to go to the Land Titles office to get that info. We are not obliged to release that info, and I don't think we should. What's next, do we all need to post our T1 Generals in our windows? Health reports? What happened to privacy?”

Others, however, have been vocal in support of opening up sold data to the public.


  • by SMALL PRINT clauses 9/9/2016 11:29:35 AM

    Can someone answer how the treb/realtors get permission to use the data in the first place? Is there a clause in listing or purchase agreements home owners sign?? If thetre is a clause hidden somewhere I have never heard agent point this out... by signing over ur sale price and we can do as we want with ur info???? In this case than it should be open to the public and THE United states allows it !! so why so sacred here..i would guess realtors don't have enough credibility or skill .. they say they spent millions ..ALL THE DATA was formed by outrageous fees they charged sellers and confused how they said they paid for it../ HOME OWNERS INFO WHICH THEY PAID OUTRAGEOUS FEES to create the data

  • by Rob 9/9/2016 11:41:49 AM

    Guess when you sell anything you post what you got on facebook.

  • by A real working Realtor 9/9/2016 11:56:39 AM

    He doesn't do any real volume of business, so it's not like he is a threat to the rest of the board members. That still does not excuse creating a business model in violation of our rules. If you don't like the rule, try to get it changed, but it remains in effect until then.

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