Agents say sellers need to be more ‘price realistic’

by Vernon Jones09 Oct 2014
Many home sellers are missing out on quick deals as they play the waiting game. And it’s a match plan that they will lose, says one agent.

Sales reps are walking away from potential listings as they see more sellers test the market in a bid to try and get an ‘unrealistic’ price.

“You know when a seller is motivated or not,” says Richard Payne, real estate agent in Halifax. “Sometimes, it is just easier to walk away from a listing as opposed to spending your time and efforts when the buyer has no interest in actually selling the property.”

Speaking to REP, he advises sellers to be more price realistic and embrace the cohort of buyers now in the market.

“Sellers need to be more realistic. It’s not an easy to pill to swallow but it’s better to sell now when conditions are good,” he says. “We are finding that lending activity has picked up a lot here [Halifax] in recent months with many buyers able to get pre-approved quicker and easier. Some are saying not to worry about the 10 per cent down and are eager to get deals through. It’s really helped the market.”

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