Agents screwing up social media

by Olivia D'Orazio11 May 2015
Social media is quickly becoming one of the most important parts of an agent’s marketing plan, but many sales reps aren’t using the technology to the best of its ability.
"We're missing the point of social media,” Jay Izso, the Internet Doctor, told a packed seminar at RealtorQuest. “We're trying to leverage it. You can't. It’s about people being social, and it gets pretty ugly when we talk about leveraging people."
Izso says social media has turned traditional unidirectional marketing on its head, converting it to a more conversational, bidirectional exchange.
And that approach is working. Izso quoted a study that found some 70 per cent of people would visit a business or use a person’s services if a family or friend recommended it online. But, a whopping 33 per cent of people would still use that service or visit that business, even if it was recommended by a stranger online.
Izso says it all comes down to word of mouth.
“Social media is word of mouth," he says.
So how can you better use social media to drive sales? Izso says there’s one thing you should absolutely never do: post your listings.
"You are your brand, and when you start doing dumb things on social media like posting a listing,” Izso said to chuckles from the crowd, “you might have had two people from your office ‘like’ it but there are 35 millennials out there who will never do business with you."


  • by Unqualified 5/11/2015 12:11:36 PM

    Agents are shameless mimics. If one agent does something... they all do it. Regardless of if it's proven to work or not.

    Blogs... Twitter posts... Facebook pages..... you are hard pressed to find an agent that actually writes something meaningful or genuine.

    So instead they repost the same tired "blog" postings supplied by their brokerage .... or they pay those outsourced Asian cyber-sweat-shops to write postings for them.

    Then they find there are no measurable results... obviously. Then they eventually abandon the blog and any visitors to their website see the last posting is from January 2012.

    "Experts in Marketing" (but they have no marketing background, experience or qualifications)


    "Post THIS on your Facebook page!!!"

  • by G 5/11/2015 1:00:50 PM

    You should try writing something meaningful instead of trolling the internet and commenting with nonfactual info. Not much difference between what you are writing and complaining about.

    With that said almost every business and industry misuses social media. Not isolated to just the Real Estate industry.

  • by Bah! 5/11/2015 1:21:17 PM

    Waste of time article like 85% of the stuff they publish.

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