Agents sound off on B.C. regulation issue

by REP04 Jul 2016
Following a wide-sweeping independent report aimed at overhauling the real estate industry in British Columbia, the government has vowed to step in to right the wayward ship; agents, to the surprise of none, have strong opinions. Share yours.

News broke late last week that Christy Clark had announced a new superintendent will oversee real estate rules in British Columbia, ousting the B.C. Real Estate Council.

The announcement came a day after an independent advisory board recommended 28 changes aimed at overhauling the real estate industry, including increased fines for misconduct and a crackdown on dual agents.

Comments, unsurprisingly, poured right in.

“Ontario should also do the same. Acting as dual agent is wrong and should be prohibited,” Shahla Ashtari, an agent in Ontario, wrote in the comments section of REP. “Let's move on [and] protect those honest and hard-working agents in our industry.”

Not everyone agreed, however.

“They should stop trying to change the system that has evolved into one of the best in the world and look at the quality of work that is being produced because of all the recent changes,” another agent wrote.

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  • by Van 7/4/2016 10:41:32 AM

    Why doesn't the government step in and regulate, doctors, dentists and lawyers too? Have you ever tried to launch a complaint on one of those self governed "professionals"? Good luck!

  • by V1E4P9 7/4/2016 11:07:17 AM

    Most of the problems with BC real estate are in the lower mainland--rising prices- off shore purchasers and a few agents flipping--It is unfortunate that the government is painting the whole industry with a broad brush -they are shooting from the hip in an effort to gain popularity as would any government looking at an election but stopping duel agency isn't going to stop the problems they have in Vancouver

  • by Frogmore 7/4/2016 11:58:14 AM

    With attitudes like the two displayed above it is a good thing the government intervened.
    Self-regulating means exactly that. If the bulk of the industry sits around with their collective
    finger up their nose, saying it a Vancouver problem, go chase other self regulating professions,
    instead of addressing the self-dealing of more than a few bad actors, the government may have
    Stayed out of it.
    Clearly somebody had to take charge & clearly the BC real estate industry didn't have the leadership or the fortitude
    To make tough decisions. Now they will have to live with decisions made by others.
    No tears shed here.

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